Information and links to mods and client for Minetest 0.4.16

My Minetest World and Texture pack files used for creating my video series

The following world files are for the Minetest game version 0.4.16

Minetest Client for Mac OSX

Here are the files for my Minetest world. You can see the entire world on my video series on Youtube

The files contain the world files and texture pack

******* The “” must be downloaded from the files separately from the main download. The file is stored differently because of its size. I am working on a solution for this. ************

Basic instructions for use.

Download the zip file from the repository

Go into the world folder on the code page to download and unzip the “” file

**The file in the downloaded world zip file is just a pointer to the large file storage LFS file and has to be downloaded separately. **

Unzip the downloaded zip file

Go into the texture pack folder and copy the folder “rgs1” to your Minetest Textures folder

Copy the World folder to your Minetest Worlds folder

The following mods are used and will cause the map to show “Unknown object” if the mod is missing

Mods used,

Baked Clay Mod –

Hoppers –

The Mychisel, Mylandscaping, and Mybricks Mods and many more from this developer-

Dreambuilder –

A complete list of mods in Dreambuilder are as follows:

areas arrowboards bedrock bees biome_lib blox bobblocks (without the traps or mesecons support) boost_cart campfire carbone_mobs castles++ (Philipbenr’s re-fork, without the “orbs”) caverealms coloredwood colormachine cottages currency datastorage digilines digistuff display_blocks farming_plus framedglass gardening gloopblocks glooptest (without treasure chests) ilights inventory_sorter invsaw item_tweaks locks maptools markers memorandum moreblocks moreores moretrees nixie_tubes notice pipeworks plasticbox player_textures (cheapie’s fork, with several default skins) prefab_redo quartz replacer rgblightstone signs_lib solidcolor stained_glass teleport_request titanium travelnet unifiedbricks (bucket dependency removed) unifieddyes unified_inventory unifiedmesecons usesdirt vines windmill xban2 The full Home Decor modpack The full Technic modpack The full Plantlife modpack Cheapie’s Roads modpack Zeg9’s Steel modpack Zeg9’s UFO modpack The full Mesecons modpack Jeija’s Jumping modpack The full Worldedit modpack Advanced Trains

Advanced Trains –

Mobs Redo –

Vehicles –

Digtron –

Bridges and stairs –

Instabuildings –

Lpanes –

Minetest Game