World File Download 2024-06-01

I just uploaded the world file, texture pack, and mods to Mediafire under the name The files are located at

The world file was tested and works under Minetest 5.8.0 and 5.7.0. The readme.txt file explains where to unzip and place the files in the Minetest game directories.

All mods belong to the authors of the mod and are listed in the mod folders. The texture pack is a custom mix of Polygonia, HDX, and Minetest default texture packs.

Have fun and use the world anyway you want, just do not claim it as your creation. If one may want, but don’t have to, attribute the world to Richard Jeffries at

Added security 256 checksum 23db53fc0f1a89f12c8801317aa8d45e8b5d9f157c4b583e4c03a00729ade5bb

Thank You!