Finally got Ubuntu 19.04 Running on the Lenovo E485

The Lenovo E485 is finally running Linux. I installed a second 500GB SSD and 8GB more memory for a total of 16GB. To get Linux running on various Lenovo E series and A series there is a line of code that is added to the Grub boot loader “ivrs_ioapic[32]=:00:14.1 ivrs_ioapic[33]=00:00.1” This cures the table in the Bios that Lenovo needs to patch to allow Linux to run. The only issue with my setup on Ubuntu is that the Bluetooth will only operate after resuming from sleep and on Ubuntu 19.04 suspend/resume is kind of flaky. I also have KDE Neon 5.16 on a second partition where suspend/resume is working just fine. The Bluetooth issue appears from forum comments to be a kernel issue.

There will be a full video on how the laptop and OS is running and what has to be done on the Windows 10 side to get everything playing nice with each other.