Minetest Gameplay EP283 New Village Start Medieval World

This is the first video done entirely on Linux. Programs and OS used in the video are Ubuntu 19.10, OBS, Minetest 5.1.0, Inkscape, and Shotcut. There are still some area in OBS where the processing warning came on so there are a couple places in the recording where the video quality dropped. The main issue is in Windows and Mac OSX that take advantage of hardware acceleration. On Linux the OBS encoder is FFMPEG VAAPI which is the opensource hardware acceleration. I have not been able to use the AMD GPU pro video drivers because they are only available for the LTS version of Ubuntu. The recording settings for OBS are VAAPI Codec H.264 and the bitrate is 30000 Kbps. I also have an audio issue to workout with sound from the desktop not going to the mixer through USB. So, I will try again on the next episode to make a better recording.

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