Installing Mods on Minetest – Windows, Mac OSx, and Ubuntu Linux

I recently received a question in the comments on doing a tutorial for installing mods in Minetest.  This video outlines the file structure and location for installing mods on Windows, Mac OSx, and Ubuntu Linux.  I focused on Ubuntu because that is the Linux distro I use.  There are instructions on the Minetest site outlining other Linux and BSD distros.

Operating system times in the video,

Windows 00:00

Mac OSx 12:47

Ubuntu Linux 21:09

I wish the video turned out better but I think I covered the basics of where the files are located and laid out in each operating system.

This video was also a failure fest.  My development computer has two hard drives, Windows and a separate drive for two Linux distros.  After six years the Linux drive failed.  Luckily I have the important files backed up. I also have Ubuntu installed in Virtual Box on my Mac.   I can install the full Ubuntu distro with updates in just under 30 minutes compared to Windows which may take several hours.  I have reinstalled OSx in just under an hour with no issues.



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