New Beginning – New Site

Hello, This is the first post on my newly minted site!

I will be posting about my interests in various hobbies and projects from Minetest Game-play and Java to MySQL and other relational, embedded and, No SQL databases.  I recently started a YouTube channel highlighting the open-source game Minetest which is similar to Minecraft. The key feature is that it is not only free but also open-source making it easy for anyone to see the code and participate in the coding and addition of mods that enhance game-play.

I originally started this server while attending college as a test lab  for class projects in  web design and database design.  After graduating I continued working on the server to learn new technologies that interested me.  For example, my web design class final morphed into a full blown site.  I continuously use the server to work on and learn using the following languages and server applications,

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache Server
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5 – Responsive page design
  • Encryption
  • Highcharts library

I mainly use the site, which I will highlight in future posts, in tracking  workouts and displaying various information on a dashboard made from Highcharts.

I choose WordPress because the installation seamlessly integrated  into my server.  I also did not want to program a CMS from scratch because I will be using this site with my YouTube channel YouTube Channel Richard Jeffries.

Please check back for more posts and check out the my YouTube channel!

Thanks for visiting!





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